Course curriculum

    1. A Few Words Before You Start

    2. Why The World Needs Localization

    3. Localization Industry Overview

    4. ❓ QUIZ #1: Our Industry

    5. What Is A Project

    6. Project Management Triangle

    7. Your Role As A Project Manager

    8. What Makes A Good Project Manager

    9. Project Manager As Part Of A Team

    10. FAQ: How Does A PM Interact With VM?

    11. ❓ QUIZ #2: Project Management

    1. What Is Source, Target, CAT Tools

    2. What Is A Word Count

    3. How To Get A Quick Word Count

    4. What Is A Translation Memory

    5. What Are TM Matches

    6. 🎈 Get More Value On Our Discord

    7. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #1: Create Matching Segments

    8. What Is Analysis

    9. How To Do Analysis In Phrase

    10. Understanding The Phrase Analysis Log

    11. ❓ QUIZ #3: Translation Scope

    12. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #2: Analyze Your Own Content

    13. FAQ: Why We Have 100% And Fuzzy Matches Without TM?

    1. What Are Discounts

    2. How To Get Adjusted Word Count Manually

    3. ❓ QUIZ #4: Adjusted Word Count

    4. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #3: Calculate Adjusted Word Count Manually

    5. How To Calculate Adjusted Word Count With Formulas

    6. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #4: Calculate Adjusted Word Count From Scratch

    1. Get Clear On The Scope

    2. Hourly Estimates

    3. Estimates For PM Work

    4. Scope Contingency

    5. Language Dependent VS Language Independent Tasks

    6. Different Scopes For A Project

    7. Effort VS Duration

    8. ❓ QUIZ #5: Hourly Scope

    9. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #5: Calculate Hourly Estimates

    1. Turning Scope Into A Budget

    2. PM Fee

    3. ❓ QUIZ #6: Budget

    4. How To Create A Budget In Spreadsheets

    5. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #6: Make A Budget

    1. What Is Profit

    2. What Is Profit Margin

    3. How To Calculate Profit Margin Using Spreadsheets

    4. POs And Invoices

    5. Creating POs And Invoices With Templates

    6. ❓ QUIZ #7: Project Finances

    7. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #7: Calculate Internal Cost And Profit Margin

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 102 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

What our students are saying

Alexandra Ragazhinskaya

“This course is extremely to the point and hands-on and will be very helpful for localization PM newbies and experienced project managers looking to "switch sides" alike. I truly enjoyed the assignments and live feedback. This course is an invaluable resource with a great mission!”

Ardita M. Gjeçi

“This course brings value to everyone interested in taking their first steps into the localization world. I would recommend it especially to those interested in shifting their career because it will offer a real experience and will help you decide if this path is fit and right for you.”

Anna Cabrera

“As someone new to the industry, I found this course quite welcoming and insightful. The videos and assignments are short and to the point, but most of all, they are based on practical knowledge. Make sure to take notes, or pin them, as they can be part of your onboarding at a Localization company.”

Asia Polo

“The Localization Project Manager Course is one of the best courses I’ve attended so far. Andrej makes sure you understand every single step by providing you with all the information you need as a beginner. Moreover, he makes you learn in an active way to prove you actually got how to deal with specific tasks.”

Kateřina Perháčová

“This course is straight-forward, well-structured and instructions are easy to follow. You get to share a social space with Andrej and other students – a great way to check if you understand an issue correctly or get help if you get stuck with one of the tasks.”

Your instructor

Hey, I’m Andrej! I started my localization career when I was 19 and learned pretty much everything on the job. I believe you can do the same – we learn best by rolling up our sleeves and doing the job. That’s why I started Localization Academy after 17 years in the industry.

I worked as a project/program manager for the biggest part of my career. I’m here to share my experience from both the client and vendor side so that you can also enjoy a successful and rewarding career in localization.

In my free time, I climb, dance, and play games. I’m not your typical stuffy-suit industry veteran — there will be lots of smiles and stories… and probably a little swearing!

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