Course curriculum

    1. A Few Words Before You Start

    2. ❗ New Content In Day 1

    3. Your Role As A Localization Engineer

    4. What Makes A Good Localization Engineer

    5. What Is FreeCommander

    6. FreeCommander Shortcuts Reference

    7. Download All Course Files

    8. What Is Parsing

    9. How To Visualize A Text File

    10. What Is Embedded Content

    11. Why Do We Need Regular Expressions

    12. Character Classes

    13. Character Classes - Ranges

    14. Character Classes - Caret and Dot

    15. Character Classes - Mixing It Up

    16. 🎈 Get More Value On Our Discord

    17. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #1: Character Classes

    18. Shorthand Character Classes

    19. Shorthand Character Classes - Whitespace

    1. Quantifiers

    2. ❓ QUIZ #1: Quantifiers

    3. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #2: Quantifiers

    4. Greediness

    5. Zero-Length Characters

    6. Groups And Back References

    7. ❓ QUIZ #2: Groups And Back References

    8. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #3: Groups And Back References

    9. Lookahead

    10. Lookbehind

    11. ❓ QUIZ #3: Lookahead And Lookbehind

    12. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #4: Lookahead And Lookbehind

    13. Word Boundaries

    14. Exploring The OR Operator

    15. Other Regex Flavours

    16. Regular Expressions Reference

    17. How To Create Your First XML Parser

    18. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #5: Create An XML Parser

    19. How To Create Your First TXT Parser

    20. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #6: Create A TXT Parser

    21. 💬 What's Your Preferred CAT/TMS?

    1. What Are Character Sets And Encodings

    2. Byte Order Mark

    3. How To Check And Convert File Encodings

    4. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #7: Check And Convert File Encodings

    5. What Are Line Endings

    6. How To Check And Convert Line Endings

    7. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #8: Check And Convert Line Endings

    8. What Is A Pseudotranslation

    9. Why Are Pseudotranslations Important

    10. How To Run A Pseudotranslation

    11. ❓ QUIZ #4: Pseudotranslation

    12. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #9: Run A Pseudotranslation

    1. Website Localization Process

    2. What Is HTML

    3. How To Process HTML Files - Parser

    4. How To Process HTML Files - Anchor Tags

    5. How To Process HTML Files - Self-closing Tags

    6. How To Process HTML Files - Break Lines

    7. How To Process HTML Files - Custom Tags

    8. How To Process HTML Files - Image Titles

    9. How To Process HTML Files - Entities

    10. What Is CSS

    11. What Is JavaScript

    12. How To Process Embedded JavaScript

    13. How To Process JavaScript Files

    14. ❓ QUIZ #5: Website Localization

    15. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #10: Build A Bilingual Website

    1. Introduction To XML

    2. XML Tools Plugin

    3. XML Is Everywhere

    4. Comparing HTML And XML

    5. How To Validate And Fix XML Files Manually

    6. How To Validate And Fix XML Files Using XML ValidatorBuddy

    7. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #11: Fix XML Files

    8. What Is A Content Management System

    9. WordPress Overview

    10. WordPress Multilingual Plugin - Setup

    11. WordPress Multilingual Plugin - Exporting Content

    12. What Is XLIFF

    13. Well-Formed Vs Valid XML Files

    14. How To Process WordPress XLIFF Files

    15. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #12: Prepare WordPress XLIFF Files

    1. Software Localization Process

    2. What Is JSON

    3. How To Process JSON Files

    4. How To Validate And Fix JSON Files

    5. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #13: Validate And Fix JSON Files

    6. What Are Java Resources

    7. How To Process Java Resources

    8. What Is PO

    9. How To Process PO Files

    10. How To Validate And Fix PO Files

    11. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #14: Validate And Fix PO Files

    12. What Are Windows Resources

    13. What is RESX

    14. How To Process RESX Files

    15. What Is RC

    16. How To Process RC Files

    17. ❓ QUIZ #6: Software Localization

    18. ⚡️ ASSIGNMENT #15: Prepare A Software Localization Project

About this course

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What our students are saying

Libra Boai Li

“This is the one and only l10n engineering course you can find online and a quality one you don't want to miss. Carlos is an amazing instructor and I've learned soooo much. Through this course, you'll be a regex pro and will not afraid of any common file types in the localization world!”

Matteo Nonne

“The localization engineer course dives deeply into the more technical side of the field. Practical exercises are a great opportunity to practice what’s being learned and set students up for immediate application. If you’re looking to grow your range of technical skills, I would highly recommend it.”

René Alberto García Taboada

“This course has been a great chance to deepen my knowledge on localization workflows and the many tools at the disposal of language professionals. I enjoyed it as we covered tons of content, as time allowed. Looking forward to learn and practice more about this in the future!”

Yvonne Gwerder

“Overall, really great course, well organized, with a friendly and helpful instructor and worth the money. I would be up for a part 2 if something like that is planned ;)”

Christiane Steinhoff

“I was just so happy to see that you offer this course because there aren't really any LE courses out there. The course was fully packed with lots of interesting stuff, but it was also very intense. The small groups were really useful because that allows for questions.”

Your instructor

Hey, I’m Carlos! I have 7+ years of experience working in the technology department of different language service providers such as Donnelley Language Solutions, SDL plc, and Vistatec. My role as a Software Localization Engineer put me in charge of technical-related duties on software, website, and e-learning projects with some of the largest brands and companies in the world.

When I’m not working, I love to stay active with sports, read, game, and watch movies and TV shows. But my true passion is traveling and learning about new cultures – and of course, spending time with my loved ones.

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